Future Tenants

Rental Application: Click here to download the rental application

  • +What to Expect: The Application Process

    1. Select your preferred rental unit; either online or by contacting us for a showing.
    2. Complete the rental application. This can be done online via a link on the listing. Or, you can download our application at the link above.
    3. Pay your non-refundable application fee of $25 per applicant.
    4. The application verification process can take up to two business days. Once your application has been approved you will be required to pay at least 25% of the security deposit in order to have the unit taken off the market and held until your move-in date (up to 4 week maximum, see rental application for more details).
    5. If approved, your application is valid for up to 30 days. After 30 days you will need to restart the application process.
    6. Once the application has been approved, a residential lease agreement must be signed by both parties. First month’s rent, security deposit and any additional fees are required to be paid in full before you will be given your keys.
    7. After any additional paperwork is completed (utility forms, lease addendums, etc.) you will be given a unit condition form and receive the keys to the unit. Unit condition forms must be returned within 7 days.
  • +For Applicants with Disabilities

    The law allows existing premises to be modified at the full expense of the disabled person, if the disabled person agrees to restore the premises to the pre-modified condition.

  • +Our Pet Policy

    Pet policies vary by property. See listings for details. Standard pet fees and deposits apply to residents with pets. The standard monthly “pet rent” is $25 per pet. Also, there is a non-refundable pet deposit is $100 per pet. Residents who do not report pets to the office may face fine or eviction above-and-beyond pet fees and deposits.

  • +General Requirements

    • All proposed occupants who will be over the age of 18 at the time of lease signing must complete an application.
    • Picture ID will be required for all adult applicants.
    • A complete and accurate application, which will include your employment and previous rental information.
    • Applicants must be able to enter into a legal and binding contract.
    • Inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial of the application.
    • Management reserves the right to deny anyone that threatens the health or safety of the neighborhood, community, tenants, or staff.
  • +Income Requirements

    • Applicants must make three times the monthly rent.
    • Verifiable income or assets will be required for all applicants. (this may mean, but is not limited to paystubs, bank accounts, housing vouchers, alimony/child support, trust accounts, social security, disability, unemployment, welfare, grants/loans).
    • Self-employed applicants will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous two years’ tax returns and year-to-date profit-and-loss statement.
    • You will be denied if your source of income cannot be verified.
  • +Rental History Requirements

    Seven years of eviction or foreclosure free rental history will be required. In addition, two years of written positive rental verification will be required from your previous landlord.  Rental references from friends, personal acquaintances, or relatives cannot be considered. 

  • +Credit Requirements

    A personal credit report will be obtained. Outstanding bad debt (slow pay, collections, bankruptcies, repossessions, liens, judgments & wage garnishments) reported on the credit bureau may be grounds for denial or increased security deposit.

  • +Criminal Conviction Criteria

    Upon receipt of the rental application and application fee, Urban Pharm, LLC will conduct a criminal background check to determine whether the applicant has been convicted of any crime or released from incarceration within the previous ten years. A conviction or convictions for any felony, or any misdemeanor involving violence, theft, dishonesty, intimidation, drugs, pornography, sex crimes, child sex crimes or weapons charges may be grounds for denial of the rental application. Open criminal cases or outstanding warrants in the above categories will require the application to be held until a final resolution is made by the courts.

  • +Cleaning Deposit

    All leases will include a non-refundable cleaning fee based on the size of the unit. This amount is separate from the Security Deposit. Typically the cleaning fee is between $100-$250. The cleaning fee is used to clean the unit at move out. The cleaning fee is not used to remove trash or for other damages to the unit.

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